Character Not Only Counts...

Character Is Everything!
Discover How To Transform Yourself From The Inside-Out And Your Life Will Never Be The Same

"Your Best Life" is Your Character Development Guide

"Your Best Life" is a character development program from Rebound Employment & Training.

Why Is Character Development So Essential For Your Life Success?

"We built this course because we found the principles that help to make people happy and successful in life. Maybe you're stuck in a rut, maybe you have tried so many ways to move your life forward...

I guarantee you that if you work on the principles in this course, you will be transformed from the inside out, and your life will never be the same. Character not only counts, but we found that character is everything. We're going to show you how you can be truly happy and show you how you can be the best version of yourself you could ever be."

- Wintley Phipps
Your Mentor & Guide 

"Your Best Life" Guides You Through 8 Of Life's Most Important Pillars

To Truly Succeed In Life You Need To Feel The Integrity From Within

Your Best Life invites you to look within and explore how to create a solid foundation that you need to build a successful and meaningful life.

You are the only judge on this journey. No one is here to tell you what is right or wrong. When you enter each of the  8 modules with an open mind, and a willingness to grow and prosper, you will learn to release the past and build a solid future with intention.

The quiz at the end of each module is there to help you reflect and retain what you discover and guide you to implement the principles into your life and interaction with others.
  • Module 1: Belief
  • Module 2: Moral Goodness
  • Module 3: Wisdom & Knowledge
  • Module 4: Self Control
  • Module 5: Patience
  • Module 6: What Do You Hold Sacred
  • Module 7: Kindness
  • Module 8: Love

Rebound Training & Employment

Your Best Life is part of the core platform for Rebound Training & Employment Services.  We aim to empower people with challenging pasts to reach financial sustainability and to live a fulfilled life.

Many financially successful people do not have fulfilled lives. That is why Your Best Life is the initiation to all our education and employment platform. When an engaged student works on their character, they get clarity on where they find themselves today and where they intend to reach. 

With clarity, perseverance, and taking consistent steps forward, each person can learn to reprogram themselves and live their life with positive intentions. First, they learn to accept guidance and then they can teach it to others in the program.

The Rebound Training Blueprint

The Rebound Training program initiates with Your Best Life to set the foundation of a strong and compassionate character. The student can then progress to learn new digital vocation skills that are in high-demand from businesses of all sizes.

The Rebound entrepreneur learns to leverage their natural skills with new innovative training so they can work as an independent freelancer or as part of a team in a business that seeks to grow with new talent.

Who Is Your Guide & Mentor Wintley Phipps?

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