The Secret to Living Where You Love While Working Globally
"The Gig Economy Offers Flexibility & Freedom by Giving You Career Ownership in a Global Market"
We'll Take You Step-by-Step via Live Coaching Plus an Online Course You Can Take at Your Own Pace
Whether you want to become a digital entrepreneur or are already a seasoned professional, we will personalize this training for your success! Access to the FREE Community and Classroom is manual so be patient after you click on JOIN GROUP
If you want ownership of your career and enjoy the flexibility to work remotely and attract more meaningful projects, then freelancing can represent a bright future for you:
  • The future of freelance is bright: 9 out of 10 freelancers believe "the best days are ahead" for freelancing and two-thirds say they are optimistic about their careers in 2022
  • Freelancing today represents 36% of the US workforce
  • The trend is moving away from temporary work and more toward skilled freelancing
  • 68% of new freelancers say that ‘Career Ownership’ is a top draw, followed by the ability to work remotely at 54%
  • 78% of skilled remote freelancers cite schedule flexibility as a critical reason for freelancing
  • 73% cite location flexibility
  • 73% say freelancing allows them to pursue work they find meaningful
  • Amid the Great Resignation, more professionals are considering freelance work in the future: 56% of non-freelancers say they are likely to freelance in the future
  • The number of freelancers who earn more than in their traditional jobs continues to grow: 44% of freelancers say they earn more freelancing than with a traditional job
* All the above market data comes from the Freelance Forward Economist report 2021

What Makes This Gig Economy Training So Different?

If Skilled Freelancing is Such a Dominant Profession, Why Don't They Teach This in Traditional Schools?
As the world progresses, society is moving away from the traditional workforce and more towards a freelancing economy. In fact, it is estimated that by 2027, almost half of the United States workforce will be freelancers. With this growing trend, one has to wonder: why don't traditional schools teach students about freelancing? How do they expect students to find freelance jobs if they don't know how to write a cover letter or pitch their services?

In recent years, the rise of freelancing has been nothing short of astronomical. It's now estimated that there are more than 57 million freelancers in the United States alone. And yet, despite this massive shift in the workforce, traditional education has failed to keep up. Students are still being taught outdated paradigms primarily focused on becoming reliable employees.
The skilled freelancing market bypasses the traditional resume interview process. You search for the clients  that YOU want to work with. Depending on the gig, the client might select you just on your past reviews and portfolio. Sometimes, you might have to do a video call to review the project.
One of the biggest problems is that students are not being taught about freelancing as a viable career option. With so many people now working as freelancers, it’s baffling that this topic is not addressed in schools. Students need to understand that freelancing is a legitimate way to make a living and that various skills are required to succeed. 

The Workplace Has Gone through a Paradigm Shift
As a skilled freelancer, any location with a reliable internet connection can become your office; however, there will be a few things you will need to learn like how to manage your time, how to establish consistent communication with your clients, and how to earn 5-star reviews.

Freelancing comes with many advantages like being your own boss, setting your own hours, and working from home. Freelancing also comes with some challenges like finding work and managing finances. We are now at a tipping point where 51% of college graduates in the U.S. are starting their careers as skilled freelancers.
The Rebound Allstars Program Provides Step-by-Step Instruction to Succeed in This Global Market Including an Online Course Plus Unlimited Live Coaching 
The entire world woke up to the power of online learning during the pandemic. It can be very enriching to view content at your own pace, take quizzes, and review the short videos when you feel you need to refresh. Rebound Allstars includes a complete online course that trains you in up to nine digital skills. You can use these most in-demand digital skills to get gigs on freelancing sites like Upwork.

These digital skills are the best for entry-level jobs if you envision a remote profession as a skilled freelancer. You can select the skills that are most congruent with your ambitions and talents. You'll learn more about this online training further down on this page.

You will receive step-by-step instruction on how to create your profile, write cover letters, respond to job posts, and select the best clients. 

We will hold separate live coaching sessions for digital entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals. In these sessions, we will review your profile and search for jobs together. We will also invite top-producing freelancers to share their success secrets.

The Rebound Allstars Live Coaching Will Be Personalized To Your Needs

Digital Entrepreneurs & Seasoned Professionals Will Be Invited Each Week to Separate Live Coaching Sessions:

  • Rebound Allstars Course: All students will have access to the online course. Each module will have an introduction video and you can select if that is a skill that you want to learn.
  • Get Noticed by Top Clients: Module 2 will teach you how to create a top-performing profile on Upwork, how to write cover letters, and how to select the best clients to work with.
  • Weekly Coaching: You will be invited to live coaching sessions via Zoom where we will answer any questions, help review your profile, and search for the best clients and jobs that match your skills.
  • Coached by Top Performers: Students will benefit from the experience of top performing freelancers who will provide coaching around web design, blog writing, customer service, virtual assistance, translation, transcribing, and other digital vocations.
  • Top Professionals Making High Income - On a separate call dedicated for our seasoned professional clients, we will invite structural engineers, architects, accountants, and others from multiple industries that are having success.
  • Personalized Coaching - We will find professionals worldwide making top incomes to share their experiences and success secrets.
  • Job Execution - Share your new gigs during our live coaching and receive step-by-step advice to nail a 5-star rating.
  • ​Get Hired by Rebound - Once you have a proven track record of success, we will hire you to help us coach new students.
Digital Entrepreneurs
Seasoned Professionals
A Freelancer Enjoys the Independence of Being Their Own Boss and Working on Their Own Terms
  • Easy to Get Started - Completely bypasses the resume-interview process.
  • Immediate Opportunities - Freelancers launch an online profile and apply for gigs. 
  • Completely Level Playing Field - Client and Freelancer rate each other after the completion of each gig.
  • 90-Day Plan - The course and all nine digital vocations are designed to be completed in 90 days. You can also decide to focus on just one or two vocations.
  • Fast - You can expect to reach a sustainable income within 6 months!
Which Digital Professions Do We Teach and What's The Entry-Level Pay?
$10 - $25/hr.
Virtual Assistant
$10 - $35/hr.
Web Designer
$20 - $40/hr.
$15 - $25/hr.
Web Content
$15 - $25/hr.
Online Advertising Manager
$15 - $25/hr.

Customer Support
$15 - $30/hr.
Social Media Manager
$15 - $35/hr.
Your Own Product or Service
Freelancers Have Less Stress and More Purpose
  • Constant Workflow - When a Freelancer gets more than four positive ratings, on average, they will get one out of every four gigs they apply for.
  • Full Time Work - Many gigs can turn into repetitive monthly assignments.
  • No Need to Chase Payments - The freelancing websites manage the money exchange so both sides are protected. 

There Are Dozens Of Freelancing Websites That Post Thousands of New Jobs Every Day!

  • Study Your Competition - You will learn how to open a client account on Upwork (or any other freelancing site) and search for top performing freelancers so you can model their profile.
  • Specialize Sites - Some freelancing sites specialize in certain skills like design, development, or marketing.
  • Start an Agency - As you gain experience, you can hire other freelancers to help execute a constant flow of work. You can just specialize in finding the right clients!
The Freelancer Decides When Their Skillset is Worthy of a Pay Raise!
  • Skills are Highly Attainable - Web Content Creator gigs require basic writing skills. The course provides easy-to-follow formulas for article creation and instruction on conducting online research.
  • Few Clients = Full Time Work - Customer Support, Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager, and Online Advertising Manager posts lend themselves to monthly recurring gigs.
  • Easy to Use Tools - Web Design, Transcriber, and Translator roles leverage online tools that make the gigs easy to manage.
  • And So Much More...
Rebound Allstars is a Training Program brought to you by Rebound Employment, LLC.
Carlyle Holder
Carlyle is a proven strategic and innovative executive leader with a career spanning 37 years in Criminal Justice.  

Over his 27 plus years of distinguished service with the Federal Bureau of Prisons, he served 23 of those years as a supervisor, manager and executive. 

Mr. Holder worked at every security level to include the BOP's only Deportation Center. He was a Chief Executive Officer (Warden) for 12 years managing the largest Pre-trial and co-managing the largest Correctional Complex facilities in the BOP. 
Wintley Phipps
Wintley Phipps is a pastor, world-renowned vocal artist, motivational speaker, and education activist. 

He is the founder, president, and chief executive officer of the US Dream Academy, a national after-school program that aims to break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration by giving children the skills and vision necessary to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Wintley was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1988 and 1989 and has sung for six U.S. presidents. 
Phil Alfaro
Phil is a highly experienced entrepreneur. He was recognized with the Chairman's Award at NCR, where he excelled as a computer Systems division's top salesperson. Phil also significantly contributed to the growth and success of five venture capital-funded startups he co-founded.

With a passion for innovation, Phil founded an internet marketing company in Spanish that expanded to serve over 2,500 clients worldwide. Currently, he brings his wealth of knowledge in online businesses to Rebound Employment, an organization that empowers individuals from diverse backgrounds to thrive as skilled freelancers in the gig economy.
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